How to get started in golf

Golf is very complicated sport with many difficulties, so if you are beginner and want to be professional, we have some important tips for you. First days(weeks,months) can be struggling for you but this is normal and every pro was there once. You just have to keep going and work hard on the golf course. Eventually, your golf skills will improve, I can personally guarantee that.

Beginners usually play a lot and with the help of some friends who are experienced in golf, they eventually improve a lot. Other novice golfers prefer to take up golf lessons. In my opinions, learning through trial and failure on the golf course is the best way to go. Taking golf lessons is viable option too. Having experienced instructor monitor your every move can be rewarding in terms of results. Your technique will improve a lot, but it won’t have much effect unless you actually go out on the golf course and try out your new skills. So, in conclusion, you should probably do a little bit of both. When it comes to learning golf, mediation is the key between experience and knowledge. You shouldn’t be full of theory but lacking in actual experience, or vice versa.

Its very common in beginners to hit to ball too hard. You should be relaxed and don’t hit it tightly, just use swing smoothly.
Its important to use entire body when you hit the ball, don’t use only arms. With using whole body your shots can cover amazing distances.
when you watch pro’s playing you will find out that they are playing very relaxed and smoothed through the swing. And in rookies, its very usual that they put unnecessary energy in shots.

Set up before shot is one of the most important things in golf. You need to make sure to set up your stance is correctly because it effects on the distance, accuracy and also for future you can get rid of some injuries with the correct set up. All you need is to find the right balance, watch pros, observe their moves before shot and then they shot. I repeat set up before a shot is very important.

As I said above starting days of career is tough. You will make many mistakes, sometimes you could start thinking stop playing but no! Never give up, golf is difficult game and its difficult for everyone. It was very difficult for pros but they put courage in practice and now we all know where they are. Practice makes perfect, so the main advice I can give you is that if you want to be successful golfer you need to put courage in game. Don’t be afraid of mistake, use it as motivation and lesson. Learn from mistakes and don’t be discouraged.
I recommend to hire personal coach for first weeks, because its very important to learn basics correctly and then continue improvement and building career easily. Its very hard for pros to change their basic skills, so if you start learning correctly that’s the big step towards the success. Youtube videos and tips from experts is also great option for you to improve many elements of game.

Choosing the right golf club is very important to master your game. There are various golf clubs on the store and you have to choose golf club depend on your playing style. If you’ve been playing golf casually before, you’ll need to get yourself best intermediate golf clubs.

These are some tips for beginners, I think they will be useful and will help you make your progress faster.